Business Stars

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Digital Marketing Company

With the digital economy here now every company or brand needs digital marketing. Without it you will not survive the digital revolution. LUCID is a full scale digital marketing agency committed to delivering a high quality customer service experience. LUCID is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Choice Business Group as their exclusive digital marketing agency of choice. LUCID has been a trailblazer in the CBG system and is ready to open the doors for others.

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Content Creation Company

Whether you agree or disagree, your  brand or organization is a media company first. That is why content creation is every businesses lifeline and Up & IN Coming are leaders in this space. Whether you need a creative strategy for your social media campaign or influencers to promote your brand, from start to finish UNC will take care of you. UNC is excited to show the world their creative potential by collaborating with Choice Business Group’s CBG TV launch. UNC has a rich history with Choice Business Group and is excited to push the shared vision forward.

Lucid Creative Marketing Members

Up & Coming Inc. Members

Mr. Gray

Mr. Ethridge

Mr. Azali

Mr. Houston